To Be or Not to Be (Airbnb)

Short stay rentals are integral part of city apartment investment income. Without this income many investors will suffer and force to sell. This further push down second-hand apartment prices. Unfortunately, short stay including Airbnb attract crime, noise and unwanted interruption. The needed solution comes in several folds. This may include getting body corporate managing to outline rules for owner who offer Airbnb to observe. There is a need to develop guidelines which Airbnb and other portal must enforce on its renters. The need for future apartment builders to include provision for short terms stayers that will minimise disruption to residents.

I read through pledges from other candidates and incumbent councilors. None have yet to offer a solution to this problem. The problem will not go away, this will lead to other challenges such as SOHO or people who offer professional services out of their apartments.

Implementing such solution require strong will and determination as there are a lot stakeholders to consider. If elected, we will spearhead the changes necessary to make Melbourne a comfortable residential precinct. It will involve a lot of trials and input from resident and stake holders. While council committees are very good in collating inputs, the hand pick committee members are still not enough to reflect broader needs of the community. This is where an online platform capturing live feedback and suggestion from Melbournians can make a difference. If elected, we will deploy such a platform

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