Zorin Releases its Complete Policy Document – First 90 Day Plan.

Team Zorin First 90 Day Plan

Zorin has consulted hundreds of Melbournians. Here is Zorin’s comprehensive list of policies.

The first 90 days as Lord Mayor is critical. Team Zorin plans to ensure Melbourne continues its road to recovery, attract innovations and install new measures to address the needs of all Melbournians.

Zorin does not believe the city can completely benefit from one party rule. Despite their pledge, we too often see that politicians exhibit loyalty to their party and supporters before the people. Zorin welcomes a broad base representation in council chamber so the needs of the broader community can be represented.

<The Fundamentals>

As the first order of business, Team Zorin will reach out to all elected councillors, reach a consensus on how council business is to proceed and assign responsibility based on each councillor’s talent, experience and advocacy.

<Ensure Continuity>

Review all existing programs. Team Zorin believes good idea program should be exclusive to a party or an administration.

What this city now needs is continuity. Appropriate resources will be allocated to continue good programs. Non-performing programs will be reset or rolled back.

<Digital Transformation>

Zorin believes a lot of city processes and bureaucracies can be streamlined to seize recovery and growth opportunities. Zorin works with city’s IT apartment to fast track the process of digital transformation. Zorin will progressively roll out the digital democracy features to allow Melbournians to continue to submit issues and suggestions. We will also hold virtual committees on certain initiatives and monitor the effectiveness of council programs. This is called Guided Governing.

<Melbournian Participation>

While laws are yet to be enacted to allow Melbournians directly vote on council issues, Melbourne can take part in polls on the digital democracy platform. Team Zorin will ensure that councilors would reflect on the results of the poll when they cast their votes.

<Precision Policies>

In the lead up to our campaign, we have consulted hundreds of Melbournians via our digital democracy platform. Their issues and tested solutions would be submitted as part of their “participation” into forming of future council policies. Team Zorin will develop and continue to update an emerging set of policies that precisely addresses their needs. These are called “Precision Policies”.

Here is an emerging list of precision policies that Team Zorin will kick start during its first 90 days.


Zorin for residents – Develop Skyview Childcare Facilities

Zorin will develop guidelines to set up childcare facilities within city residential apartments as well offices towers.  Instead of travelling to pick children up from care, parents can simply take their children to another floor or the building next door, conserving resources and time.

Zorin for residents – Develop Skyview Medical Clinics

Zorin will build a case for Skyview Medical Clinics in city residential apartments and offices towers.

Clinics can be staffed part-time hours. Such services allow residents who would otherwise have to travel and then wait for GP or Nursing Services to conserve precious irreplaceable time. If they are unwell, this could minimize the potential spread of such pathogen as cold or flu. 

Zorin for residents – Develop Skyview NDIS housing

CBD residents include those with disabilities. Just like NDIS housing in suburbs, Zorin will implement the similar in CBD. With so many unoccupied apartments , it is an ideal time to diversify the residential tenants’ mix. Australians with disabilities have so much to offer our community; why should we miss out their unique skills and personalities?  Such arrangement can greatly benefit the children with disabilities and their families. With the proximity of health and other necessary services, they no longer need to travel across town for simple appointments. It will also double the benefits for our medical, NDIS providers, and a whole bunch of support services based in CBD.

Zorin for residents – Develop a City Dwellers Crisis Management Centre

Zorin will establish a crisis management centre for city dwellers to address domestic violence and mental health issues. Domestic violence destroys lives. That is why we prioritize women and children. Zorin will ensure male victims of domestic violence would have access to emergency support and counselling as well. 

Zorin will advocate aged care services for our CBD senior residents. Contrary to the majority’s understanding, there are a lot of senior residents living in the CBD. The baby boomers contributed so much to Melbourne; we should offer services in areas where they choose to live in.

So many of our senior residents would love to live in the CBD. They bring in extensive knowledge and experiences which would enrich the housing options and the local life. 

Zorin for residents – develop a multilingual CBD essential services APP for multicultural residents, international students, and visitors

Zorin will develop a multilingual CBD essential services APP for, multicultural residents, international students,  and visitors .Through the app, Zorin aims to connect essential services like GPs with 180,000 CBD residents.

Multicultural residents might feel more comfortable with speaking to a doctor or nurse in their native languages. This usually will lead to a more comprehensive diagnosis and increase the quality of the follow up visits.

[Mental Health, Aged Care, Homeless]

Zorin Cares – We aim to provide masks and sanitizers for all public workers.

Zorin aims to provide masks and sanitizers for all public workers, frontline workers and retailers.

Though the costs are unexpected, it is necessary, especially when we are moving to Covid normal. Unbudgeted public health management can drain out our resources. We plan our preemptive measures in advance and minimize the resources input to maximize the community outcome.

Zorin Cares – We aim to develop a multilingual health facilities/services information app

Zorin aims to develop a multilingual health facilities/services information app,which includes aged care, disability, mental health, and general health services.

With more people reaching out services via their mobile phone, the App will greatly help 56% of Melbourne’s population who were born overseas.

Zorin Cares – We aim to relieve the overseas students’ predicament

Melbourne overseas students are experiencing different level of distress due to the Covid. Zorin aims to immediately provide free workshops and counselling services to help overseas students through this difficult time. There are 79,000 overseas students residing in Melbourne. It is important that they can receive our support in every possible way.

Zorin Cares – We promise to keep providing housing for the homeless

Zorin will continue to provide the homeless housing and free PPE. We will also run programs to help them stand on their own feet. The homeless might take a wrong turn in their life. They are still members of our community. We aim to bring them back into our society.

Zorin Cares- We aim to develop a humane animal management plan

People are not the only inhabitants in the CBD. When pets are not welcome in the city, they might be abandoned in the suburbs, caught and euthanized. Team Zorin will immediately review the city’s “animal management plan”. We advocate the pet owners’ responsibility while providing rehoming options. We believe the plan will reduce the number of deserted pets and enrich the lives for those who are in need.

Zorin Cares – We aim for better support for buskers

Buskers become one of Melbourne’s signatures. Their performances add vibrant colors to our city. Zorin will review the council’s busker policy, ensure their safety and improve their performance environment.

Buskers might also gather big crowds. Covid safety measures, such as social distancing, must be in placed to ensure a Covid-free environment for both the buskers and audiences.

Zorin Cares – Safe Injecting Room

I understand it is not easy to establish a safe injecting room. Safe injecting room is necessary. But investigation needs to look into an alternative for the Vic Market one. It is just too close to kids and teenagers. just 100 meters away from residential apartments.  With multiple more accessible locations away from homes, Zorin will explore with experts where to locate the safe injecting zones which prevent countless Ambulance journeys and provide opportunity for Outreach to those who are ready to leave their drug habits behind and re-join our inclusive Society.

[Jobs, Business, Investment]

Zorin Business – We aim to install temperature / health check gates at shopping centres and areas where there is high foot traffic

Temporary health checks gates are already deployed in international airports and overseas shopping centres. Zorin aims to install these gates in CBD shopping centres, dining precincts and big events.

This is our preemptive plan during Covid normal to keep our businesses open.

Zorin for Business – We promise to source locally and offer allowances for their skill upgrade

Zorin will direct council procurement to prioritize local suppliers. Most importantly, we will absorb a certain proportion of the cost for skilling up their team to fulfill the services’ requirements. 

Why we keep sourcing from outside of the CBD or even overseas? Zorin will advocate sourcing from local SMEs that employ local people, manufacture or source within Australia. This is one of our initiatives to reboot our local economy.

Zorin for business – We promise to support start ups

Zorin aims to create a positive economic cycle that would benefit both start-ups and the local real estate industry. We aim to reboot and further drive the economic growth while creating more jobs by helping start-ups to grow. Zorin will offer discounted council rates to eligible landlords if they offer discounted rents to eligible start-ups that are focusing on technology innovations. We aim to help start-ups to grow. In return, the local real estate will benefit from their needs to expand. As we transit to the Third Industrial Revolution, these startups can also further drive our economic growth and create more jobs.

Zorin for business – Introduce Daytime Light Economy

While night economy can quickly bring relief to catering and entertainment traders. It does not offer the relief for other retailers. Zorin proposes daytime light economy allowing traders to install stalls at their shop entrance to begin limited trade. The Victoria CHO confirmed that Covid infection is 20 times less likely outdoors. By observing social distancing, hand sanitizing and masks wearing, we can begin recovery with daytime light economy.

Zorin for business – Make Melbourne Safe for Food Delivery

If elected Zorin will develop policies that support Uber delivery driver. Food delivery in COVID world is a core part of Melbourne economy. There are over 2000 drivers working at anytime. Yet each trip they gamble with their life fighting through car traffic. We must protect them.

Zorin for business – Make Melbourne the Centre for Professional Services Accreditation  

Already our accreditations are used globally like NAATI accreditation for translators. Australian standards are consistency used overseas. We should be the centre offering such service. Another recovery idea.

Zorin for Business – Make Melbourne the repository for endangered artefacts and knowledge

We can secure philanthropists money by offering safe haven for endangered cultural materials and knowledge that no longer align with the ideology of another country’s new regime.

Zorin for Business – Make Melbourne Centre for Disease Detection Technology

9/11 changed the way we travel with x-ray scans. COVID19 will change the way we travel with disease detection prior to travel. Melbourne can be the centre for disease detection technology development with Victoria broad range of health experts and IT tech know how.

Zorin for Business – Make Melbourne Centre for Distant Education and Consultancy

Pandemic shows it’s possible to deliver consulting, professional services and education remotely. Melbourne has the IT setup to better place professionals to offer services worldwide.  Turning the lessons learned during the epidemic can be ramped up into real world export opportunities with the money coming back home to Melbourne.

Zorin for Business – Zorin to give support for Multicultural Media Firm to secure licensing fees for their content.

Zorin will give incentives for Multicultural Media Firms to relocate to CBD and be part of a Victoria network of media firms. These include a discount on council rates and special business grants. We will also create a Melbourne City Media platform helping media firm multicultural firms to get licensing fees and copyright fees for the content. 


Zorin for Infrastructure – Redistribute Traffic Across CBD

Traffic in Melbourne CBD are not well distributed. Council can install system to provide real time traffic information allowing drivers to take alternative routes. This not only reduces gridlocks but also gives exposure to businesses that were once busy.  Real time traffic light management systems and AI Guided traffic lights also offer opportunity to streamline traffic flows through the CBD. Zorin argues that excluding cars from the CBD costs local business owners’ sales and much needed Covid recovery revenue.

Zorin for Infrastructure – Attract Investment into Automated Stacked Car Parks

Zorin will attract investments into automated stacked car park facilities. This will ease parking struggles. Contrary to belief, this actually creates more jobs.

Zorin for Infrastructure – Variable Parking Restrictions

Zorin introduces Variable Parking Restrictions like variable speed sign. This allows flexible restriction to meet public needs and put spots that remain idle to higher utilisation. Council can also ease parking restrictions on spots close to public events like the upcoming Light Up Laneways event.

Zorin for Infrastructure – Rapid Digital Transformation of Council Processes

Council has already done well in this area. But Zorin hopes to go further to ensure as much bureaucrat processes are automated and to establish a digital platform for rate payers to vote in council issues.

Zorin for Infrastructure – Install more Public Toilets

Not enough public toilets in Melbourne CBD and Docklands. Image you attend the upcoming Light the Laneways festival and want to go to the loo. Zorin pledge to see if city finances can afford more strategically placed public toilets.

Rather than expensive to install toilet blocks, Zorin will encourage pump in pump out toilets that can be located where needed most and even transported out after major events. Special emphasis will be on sanitary facilities for ladies and more urinals for men. Health and safety can be incorporated into these Melbourne built Public Lavatories and may even create an export opportunity for a local SME as well. We all need toilets and Ladies should never have to stand in long queues to go to a needed service. Zorin cannot conceive why all his opponents aren’t lobbying for this essential service as well.


Zorin for Investments – Stop Property Investment Losses

Anyone who invests in Melbourne CBD apartment are mostly losing money. Supplies are over demands. If elected, we will set an “index” that approve apartments that meet demands, The Zorin platform can give accurate feedback of what the likely update of apartment will be. This will tell council how may to approve. Its 2020, let manage the city with the right tools.

Zorin for Investments- Adaptive Council Rate Calculation

Council fees are calculated based the current value of the land. With CBD most properties are commercial. If elected, we will hold discussion to see whether council fee calculation should consider the economic activity a property generates.

Zorin for Investments – Relief for Student Accommodation Owners

If elected will review student accommodation to allow other short term rental while closed borders stop students returning. Landlords are suffering. It is not good enough to say “too bad”. Will do this in the first 30 days.

Zorin for Investments – Investigate Body Corporate Fees Gorging 

CBD apartment owners are concerned that body corporate fees are excessively high. While the real estate acts are part of state jurisdiction. The City of Melbourne can look into putting a condition on how body corporate affairs management can be handled. Use this as one of the many conditions for building approval.

Zorin for Investment – Address Challenges with Airbnb

Short stay rentals are integral part of city apartment investment income. Without this income many investors will suffer and force to sell. This further push down second-hand apartment prices. Unfortunately, short stay including Airbnb attracts crime, noise and unwanted interruption. The needed solution comes in several folds. This may include getting body corporate managing to outline rules for owner who offer Airbnb to observe. There is a need to develop guidelines which Airbnb and other portal must enforce on its renters. The need for future apartment builders to include provision for short terms stayers that will minimise disruption to residents.

[Culture/ Arts]

Zorin for Culture – Make Melbourne Centre for Indigenous Heritage

Melbourne Museum & Public space can offer safe haven for Kimberley indigenous heritage relics being lock up in Rio Tinto containers. These 40,000 year relics pre-dates dead sea scrolls and Xia Dynasty mask which are housed in multi million dollars galleries. Keeping the artefacts of the world’s oldest living Culture safe is a key consideration in Zorin’s Arts strategy.

Zorin for Culture – Make Melbourne the Capital Again

Make Melbourne the Capital Again. Melbourne was our nation’s capital until May 1927. We offer to hold discussion with First Nations people to consider Melbourne as their capital where they can hold annual celebration and open forum.

First Nations people cared for the soil beneath our feet for countless centuries before the Pyramids were built. It is a good time to recognise this and re-include our City’s long term caretakers back into the CBD.

Zorin for Arts – Make Melbourne First Nations Festival Centre

Make Melbourne First Nations Festival Centre – We have Chinese New Year, Italian, Greek, Diwali, Ramadan and other festivals, but no Indigenous Festival. We offer to hold discussion to have Melbourne play host to annual “Southern First Nations” Festival.  A Celebration of Respect, the Wisdom of Elders and the Ancient Arts and Stories they have to share.

[City Assets]

Vic Market 

Zorin was asked “What are we going to do with Vic Market?”. I said “Melbourne is so much more for 1 person 1 team or 1 party to have all the answer. I will open an online channel on the platform to hear from the people of their suggestion and even counter suggestions. n virtual online committee will evaluate each options and vote on them. The findings are then forward back to council committee to debate further. The initial raw inputs are all from Melbournians. Again, it’s participating democracy.


Zorin for Sustainability – Make Melbourne the world’s 1st sustainably powered city?

Germany wants Australian Green Hydrogen. It is one of the most promising sustainable energy. Zorin will consult with Melbournians and energy companies in Melbourne to explore interesting in making Melbourne the world’s 1st sustainably powered city.

Zorin for Sustainability- Ensure continuity to existing sustainability programs

Zorin continues to commit to Climate Change Mitigation Strategy to 2050. Zorin will review existing sustainability programs. Appropriate resources will be allocated to continue good programs. Nonperforming programs will be reset or roll back.

Zorin for Sustainability – Green Balconies in apartments

The Average 28 year old loves gardens and plants. Zorin will encourage small business operators to sell and market made in Australia garden products and plants to encourage Native Bird life back into the CBD.

Zorin for Sustainability – Ensure New Building Standards reflect latest sustainability measures

Continue to apply new standards to new buildings to address energy saving, water savings and recycling waste. The community has so much to give in this area and Zorin will be responsive to community needs.

 Zorin for Sustainability – Explore ways to ensure sustainability programs have enough time to see their fruition

Explore ways to install mechanism to ensure sustainability initiatives endure beyond the term of the administration. With 5,000,000m2  of parks and gardens, Zorin will move away from short term contracts and into long term projects that enhance the lives of City residents and visitors to our CBD.

Zorin for Sustainability – Education

Zorin believe through “deep” education program, Melbournians can re-orientate their purchasing and consumption behaviour to yield further energy/water savings, reduce wastage and contribute to a better environment. The pandemic has proven that education can make a difference.

<This Plan Continues to Evolve>

Contact Wayne Tseng directly for more details. Wayne can be contact on 0433 104 830 or wayne@waynetseng.com

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