Spanish Flu shaped the 20th century, COVID 19 is changing our 21st. Melbourne must adopt COVID lessons and reform. To ride over the imminent storms that may follow, Team Zorin advocate keys reforms to well place Melbourne for the post COVID world

  1. Full digitally transformation of council bureaucracies, install smart systems to offers quick access to council services, redistribute traffic to unlock jams, free up car spaces, attract new smart industries and for the first time allow people participation in council decisions.

  2. Jobs will not come back from old industries. Team Zorin will attract new industries such as smart financial services, Robotics, Disease Detection Technologies, Virtual Entertainment and Make Melbourne the Centre for Remote Delivery of Professional and Accreditation Services

  3. Property reforms to include how Council Rate Calculation Reform to base on both yield and property prices, investigate high body corporate fee hikes, regular Airbnb and introduce quiet zone for residential areas

  4. Install Australia first city level outbreak guard team and install new permanent COVID/Outbreak regulations on all business and residential premises. Also called “Bug Busters”, these team will continuously advise businesses and residential on ever new measures to keep Melbourne safe. They will work alongside with festival events drug detection team and Melbourne Protective Services.

  5. The majority rules in democracy. Not anymore in post COVID world. Everyone needs are equally important. Team Zorin will deploy the digital democracy platform to allow Melbournian to submit your issues, your suggestion and when laws enacted allow your direct vote on council decision. So when you vote for Team Zorin. You Vote for Yourself

Click here to see our full policy document

The Digital Democracy Platform is here. It is our own Melbourne Australia Technology. Click the image below to access the platform and tell us what concerns you the most for this Melbourne City election.