Our Priorities


No one candidate platform can address the broader need of all Melburnians.  We need recovery activation in all sectors. We also need to make Melbourne a livable city as essential services such as General Practitioners are lacking.  Our top priority is to deploy a platform to hear concerns and suggestions from all Melburnians on how to fast-track recovery in their respective sectors.

Here are our top priorities.

Fast Track Recovery in All Sectors 

Use the Zorin platform to listen to hear issues and suggestions from all sectors. Instigate committees and action groups to evaluate different solutions. Vote on these solutions and implement cost effective usage of resources to execute them.  We will continue to monitor the implementation with Melburnians posting live feedback from their devices.

Stimulate Our Local Economy

Real stimulus will involve empowering businesses to operate at their full capacity, making Melbourne more livable so that tenancy can recover and so that new economic activities can be introduced. 

Some inspiring initiatives include:

Make Melbourne a Center for Distant Education and Consultancy:
The pandemic has shown that it’s possible to deliver consulting, professional services and education remotely. Melbourne has the IT setup to better place professionals to offer such services worldwide.

Make Melbourne the Centre for Professional Accreditation Services: Hundreds of Australian-based accreditations are being used overseas as standards. Regarding language translation professionals, our NAATI accreditation is widely used overseas. Others include building, insurance, and property management. We seek to establish policies that promote a suitable environment in which these accreditation services can be held in Melbourne via remote assessment. 

Make Melbourne the Repository of Cultural Artefacts and Knowledge: Successive regimes overseas have destroyed artifacts and knowledge they contain simply because they do not align with their ideology. This knowledge not only belongs to the people of those countries but also to humanity. Many philanthropists offer to fund the preservation of these artifacts, but finding a safe location that has cultural tolerance, rule of law and a strong belief is seeking truth is difficult. Melbourne, Australia is close to being such a location. Our museum, universities and galleries have the expertise to house these precious artifacts and win over philanthropist money.  This will inevitably reap further benefits by attracting tourists and thus bolstering economic development.

Adaptive Council Fees Calculation:
Council fees are calculated based the current value of the land or portion of the land allocated to a property. Within the CBD most properties are used for commercial activities. A fixed approach in calculation does not appreciate the economic activities different tenancies bring. If elected, we will hold discussion to see whether council fee calculation should take into consideration the economic activity or money that a property generates. Good performing properties are charged more while weaker economic properties will be charged less them the needed stimulus.  With technology, it is possible to be more precise in how council fees are charged.

Eliminate Obstacles

There are currently a number of outstanding challenges that can no longer be ignored. Some of these are complicated and need all stakeholders to play their roles. We will redefine guidelines for council committees to be issue-oriented and to ensure the committee is comprised of members who have a direct impact and those who are willing to trial different solutions. 

One urgent area to resolve is short-term accommodation in CBD i.e. Airbnb. Short stay rentals are integral part of city apartment investment income.  Without this income many investors will suffer and force to sell. This further push down second-hand apartment prices.  Unfortunately, short stay including Airbnb attract crime, noise and unwanted interruption. The needed solution comes in several folds.   This may include getting body corporate managing to outline rules for owner who offer Airbnb to observe. The need for future apartment builders to include provision for short terms stayer just like disability access. Lay down the rules of what can or cannot be done in short term stay and talk to Airbnb and other rental portals to ensure they enforce the restrictions to be observed by Melbourne renters.

The problem will not go away, this will lead to other problems such as SOHO or people who offer professional services out of their apartment.

Apply Intelligent CBD traffic information to better distribute traffic – Traffic in Melbourne CBD are not well distributed. We have gridlocks on Lonsdale Street, La Trobe Street, King Street and others, while Collins Street and Bourke Street get trickle traffic. Most cars are now installed with traffic information monitors.  Council can install system to provide real time traffic information allow drives to take alternative routes. This not only reduce gridlocks but also give exposures to businesses that were once busy

Make Melbourne More Livable

Melbourne has closed to 180,000 residents, yet essential services are still lacking. While there is a Chemist warehouse in every corner in the CBD, there is no GP to see at night.  One of our priorities will attract providers to deliver the essential services

Complete Melbournian Culture with our First Indigenous Festival 

Melbourne play host to numerous festivals: Chinese New Year, Diwali, Italian, Greek and so much more. But it is does not have an indigenous festival. One of our priorities is to hold discussion with our First Nations people to see if they wish to hold an annual festival.  

Melbourne museums, galleries and public spaces can offer haven for Kimberley Indigenous Heritage Relics being locked up in Rio Tinto containers. These 40,000 years relics pre-date dead sea scrolls and Xia Dynasty mask which are housed in multimillion galleries. Of course, this must involve discussion with our First Nations elders. Our First Nations people remain the custodians of these artefacts.

The world morns when we saw thousand years old buddha carvings blown up in Afghanistan. Mesopotamia relics are still be looted from Iraq and sold overseas. Why are we trashing our own 40,000 years old art in containers deemed less valuable those found in Abbeys Auction.  It is a small investment to preserve and curate them. But it will attract visitors which translate to jobs, economic activities and cultural enrichment.

Melbourne was the nation’s capital until May 1927, we can be the capital again. The capital of the First Nations people. Melbourne’s public space can play host to First Nations people open forum.

Inspire to Make Melbourne Great

We will offer “guided grants” to tested concepts for attracting economic development, sustainability, environment protection, livability, tourism and the enrichment of culture and arts. 

Promote Competition between municipalities

We believe that council should establish initiatives to compete with other municipalities in terms of securing greater economic activities, employment opportunities, visitors and residents.  Competition promote creativity, productivity and a sense of pride.  This can be healthy.