Our Goals

Our leaders have been admirable during the pandemic. They have been fronting daily media briefing while attending to complex effort to combat the virus.  

However, the pandemic has shown Victorians that challenges must be addressed head on(i.e. Ruby Princess) ,  no one person or one party can have the answers to all (i.e. boarder management) , decisions should be independently reviewed for any short comings (i.e. Hotel Quarantine) and the public should be allow to make suggestions. 

The recent “Melbourne Outdoor Dinning Scheme” was certainly not developed with input from restauranteurs.   It only takes our unpredictable weather to blow a salad off the table.

Melbourne is so much more. Even for a local government, the city has myriad of challenges and opportunities that a few members council and a handful of committees will not be effective in addressing them all. 

In this 2020 election, no one candidate platform can address the broader need of all Melbournians. If you don’t have a candidate that address your needs, you may have to wait another 4 years.  There must be a better way.

Australia has a great democracy. Countries with democracies are the ones that endure through the ages. Australians are also world most ethical and well-educated people.  As a collective, there is so much we can offer. We the people can participate in the process of governing. We can in real time share issues relevant to our own section, submit suggestions, give feedback from 

Digital platform can offer so much.  A simple Facebook campaign can organized a rally of thousands.  Digital platforms have pushed for more transparency and in extreme cases can change government.  The very same technology can be used constructively as a bi-direction tool for participating in governing. We call this “Participating Democracy”.

In democracy, the majority decides. If you are always part of a minority, you are not in luck. Through  use of digital platforms, individual needs can be identified and assessed. Policies can be developed to precisely address individual group’s needs. I called this “Precision Policies”.

Government decisions does not need to be a gamble. With Melbourne recent outbreak, poor hotel quarantine decision led to 700 deaths. The cost was too high. Through the use of digital platform, the public can serve as “community monitors”. Any shortfall can be identified, posted and addressed in real time.  An inquiry will not bring back the lives of those who were lost.

Such digital platform can be a network of existing technologies just used for the purpose of collaborating with government. It does not have to belong to a large digital corporation like Google. It does not need to be rocket science technology, any software developer can offer a part or a version of the whole platform that suits individual city needs.

For the purpose of illustration, I have released a demo version of such collaborate platform I called Zorin. All events on the demo are fictitious but they vividly illustrate how participating democracy, precision policing making and guided governing can take place. 

Vote 1 for Team Zorin. If elected we will deploy a platform that begins the first step in bring all Melbourians to the council decision making process.